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Webinar: High Performing Teams: It's Not Just About the Process

FREE and available until the end of February 2024

(Registration required to attend)

🌟 Unlock the secrets to building high-performing teams in our upcoming webinar, High Performing Teams: It's Not Just About the Process. Discover proven strategies that go beyond the ordinary, focusing on the human elements that elevate team dynamics.✨

Join us to transform your team's potential and achieve unparalleled success. Don't miss out—reserve your spot now for insights that will revolutionize the way you approach teamwork. 🚀💡 Elevate your team, elevate your success!✨

Don't miss out! Save your spot now! 🕒🔥 Click the link to register and embrace a more comprehensive approach to high performing teams.

Ready to work with us and see what solutions we can co-create with you? Contact us for corporate programs for 10 or more people and check out our upcoming programs.

The Art of Inclusive Leadership 14-20 April 2024

🌟 Discover Your Leadership Potential in Sunny Barcelona! 🌞

Ever wondered what it truly means to lead with impact? It's time to find your answers! Join us for an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth in the heart of Barcelona province from 14-20 April 2024.

🔍 What to Expect:
Explore your leadership identity and uncover the strengths that set you apart. In our intimate group coaching program, we'll tackle the tough questions:
- 🚀 Who are you as a leader?
- 🗣 How can you ensure everyone's voice is heard?
- 🧠 Addressing biases: What you need to know
- 🌱 Creating a space of psychological safety

Why Us?
🌍 Immerse Yourself in Spain: Let the vibrant atmosphere inspire your transformation.
🤝 Small, Supportive Group: Limited to 10 participants for personalized attention.
🌱 Learn, Practice, Grow: Engage in discussions, share experiences, and evolve together.

Ready to embark on this enriching journey? Hurry, spots are filling up fast! Only 10 participants for this exclusive experience.

Can't make it in April? No worries! Reach out to us to explore other date offerings throughout 2024. 

Let's redefine leadership, one sunny day at a time. Contact us now and take the first step towards becoming the leader you aspire to be! 🌟

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Corporate Offsite April 2024

🌟 Elevate Your Team's Potential in Spain: April 21-27, 2024! 🌍

Imagine a workplace where every voice matters, where psychological safety fuels innovation, and your team operates at peak effectiveness. It's not a dream – it's your reality waiting to happen! Pack your bags and bring your team of 10-15 to sunny Spain from April 21-27, 2024, for a transformative experience like no other.

🔹 Why Choose Us?
Tailored Programs: Whether you prefer our expertly curated sessions or a customized program designed specifically for your needs, we've got you covered.
🤝 Team Collaboration: Foster unity, creativity, and synergy within your team in the picturesque backdrop of Spain.
🌱 Learn, Practice, Grow: Dive into our immersive group coaching programs, carefully crafted to help you evolve and excel.
📆 Flexible Options: Can't make it in April? Our programs are available as 12-week coaching sessions, or opt for private corporate classes at your convenience.

This isn't just a trip – it's an investment in your team's success. Together, let's create an environment where everyone thrives and achieves extraordinary results.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Schedule an appointment today to secure your spot and let's design a program that suits your unique organizational goals.

Here's to becoming the best version of yourselves! 🚀

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The Power of Liftoff for Teams

🚀 Elevate Your Teams to New Heights with Liftoff: A Team Transformation Program! 🚀

Are you ready to revolutionize your organization's teams and products? We invite you to join us in 2024!

Uncover the groundbreaking methodology presented in the widely acclaimed book, Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams. Take this opportunity to delve into the core principles and practices that can reshape your team's journey towards unparalleled success.

🌟 What is Liftoff?

Liftoff is not just a program; it's a catalyst for positive change within your teams. This immersive experience equips you with the tools to:

✅ Launch or Restructure Teams Effectively
✅ Master the Art of Purpose, Alignment, and Context in Teams
✅ Facilitate Liftoffs for Your Entire Organization

🌐 Why Liftoff?

Liftoff is your compass to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of team dynamics. By enrolling in this program, you will:

✨ Unlock the secrets to effective team launches and restructures.
✨ Learn to align your team's purpose and context for sustained success.
✨ Acquire the skills to facilitate Liftoffs at an organizational level.

Seize this golden opportunity to propel your teams towards greatness! Contact us now and embark on a transformative journey. Don't miss out—success is just a Liftoff away! 🌟

Contact us for corporate programs for 10 or more people (online or in-person) or register below to get the calendar link.

Open Space Technology: The Right People in the Room

🌟 Create Meaningful Conversations, Transform Your Future! 🌍

Hey Visionaries,

Imagine the possibilities if you could gather people in a room, fostering open conversations that drive change and innovation. What if you could transform your organization, community, and relationships by simply changing the narrative?

Here's your chance! We're thrilled to announce that bookings for 2024 are now open, and we invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us.

🔹 What We Offer:
Open Space Experience: Immerse yourself in the power of Open Space, where ideas flow freely, and solutions emerge organically.
🌱 Change the Narrative: Discover the profound impact of reshaping conversations from the start, influencing outcomes and enhancing the value you provide.
🚀 Learn and Lead: Acquire the skills to facilitate your own Open Space sessions, empowering you to shape future discussions and drive positive change.

Why Choose Us?
🔑 Unlock Potential: Tap into the untapped potential of your organization and community through meaningful dialogue.
🌍 Global Impact: Join a community that believes in the power of collaborative dialogue to create lasting change, both locally and globally.

Ready to transform the way you connect and collaborate? Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of Open Space. Let's create a future filled with meaningful conversations, impactful outcomes, and unparalleled value.

Get in touch with us to schedule your session and unlock the door to endless possibilities. Together, let's shape a brighter tomorrow.

And let's stay connected:

Become an Agility for All Affiliate

🌟 Join Our Community of Growth Enthusiasts! 🚀

Hello Ambitious Individuals,

Are you driven by the desire for personal and professional growth? We're thrilled to invite you to become a valued member of our Agility for All family as an affiliate partner.

Why Partner With Us?
🌱 Empower Others, Earn Generously: By promoting our life-changing group coaching programs, you're not just empowering individuals and organizations – you're also securing generous commissions for yourself.
🔝 Transformative Impact: Together, let's make a difference! Our programs are designed to foster growth, resilience, and success in every aspect of life.
🌍 Global Reach: Join a community that spans the globe, connecting like-minded individuals passionate about making a positive impact.

Ready to embark on a rewarding journey? Start today and be a catalyst for change! Your passion for growth can now fuel your success.

Let's inspire and thrive together. Join us and let the journey begin!

The Agility for All Team

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Power Up Your Team Collaboration

🌟 Empower Your Teams, Unleash Success Anywhere! 🚀

Attention Leaders and Teams,

In a world where collaboration knows no boundaries, mastering the art of high-performance teamwork is essential, regardless of your team's location. Introducing our revolutionary group coaching program, meticulously designed to equip you with the tools needed to elevate your teams to new heights, no matter where they are.

🛠️ What You'll Gain:
High-Performing Teams: Cultivate strategies that transform your teams into powerhouses of productivity and innovation.
🌐 Inclusivity and Collaboration: Break down silos and bridge the gap between remote and hybrid work settings, fostering a culture of inclusivity and unity.
🔗 Tailored Solutions: Whether your team needs a collaborative overhaul or your leaders require customized strategies, we've got you covered.

Flexible Formats that Work for You:
🗓️ 12 2-Hour Group Coaching Sessions: Deep-dive into transformative learning over a comprehensive 12-week period.
🚀 Compressed Masterclass: Accelerate your knowledge in a condensed timeframe that fits your busy schedule.
🌍 1-Week Intensive Offsite: Immerse yourself in an intensive, focused week of learning and growth.

Have unique requirements? We're all ears! Let's discuss your needs in our introductory call, and together, we'll craft the perfect solution for your organization.

Ready to revolutionize your team dynamics? Take the first step toward success. Contact us today for more information on our corporate programs or hit the button below to secure your spot and receive the calendar link.

Let's redefine teamwork, together!

The Agility for All Team

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Preparing for Transformational Change

🌟 Embrace Change with Confidence: Book Your Transformational Journey for 2024! 🚀

Change is not just a force of nature; it's a powerful opportunity waiting to be seized. The question isn't whether change will come—it's how prepared you are to embrace it with intention and purpose.

Introducing our exclusive group coaching program designed to empower your organization for transformational change. In a world that constantly evolves, it's crucial to assess your current position and equip yourself with the tools to navigate change seamlessly.

🔹 Why Choose Our Program?
Intentional Change: Learn to navigate change strategically, making intentional decisions that drive your organization forward.
🧠 Assessment and Preparation: Assess your current standing, identify areas for growth, and prepare your team for a successful transformational journey.
🌱 Learn, Practice, Grow: Engage in immersive sessions where you'll learn, practice essential skills, share insights, ask questions, and grow together as a resilient, adaptable team.

Flexible Formats, Tailored to Your Needs:
🗓️ Customized Group Coaching: Tailor the program to your organization's schedule, ensuring seamless integration into your routine.
🌍 1-Week Intensive Offsite: Immerse yourselves in a focused, transformative week, accelerating your growth journey.

Change is not a challenge—it's an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and thrive. Are you ready to seize it? 

Contact us today to schedule your program and embark on a transformational adventure in 2024. Let's navigate change together and redefine what's possible for your organization.

Embrace change, empower growth. Your journey begins here.

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Advanced Scrum Practices: Beyond Certifications

🌟 Elevate Your Scrum Expertise: Advanced Scrum Practices Await! 🚀

Certified, structured, and ready to sprint ahead? Congratulations on mastering the Scrum framework! But wait, there's more. Introducing our exclusive program: Advanced Scrum Practices: Beyond Certifications.

🔹 Why Go Beyond Certifications?
Deeper Team Cohesion: Move beyond the basics and cultivate a robust team bond that ensures seamless collaboration and superior performance.
🔍 Avoid Delays, Minimize Risks: Discover advanced techniques to identify bottlenecks, mitigate risks, and keep your projects on track, every time.
🚀 Deliver Unmatched Value: Learn strategies that go beyond the surface, ensuring your team not only meets but exceeds client expectations consistently.

What's in Store for You?
🔥 Higher-Performing Teams: Elevate your team's skills and culture, transforming them into a powerhouse of productivity and innovation.
🌐 Solid Framework Skills: Strengthen your foundation while exploring advanced practices, giving you the best of both worlds.

Flexible Learning, Tailored for Your Needs
🗓️ 12-Week Group Coaching: Delve deep into transformative learning over a comprehensive 12-week period, mastering advanced Scrum techniques.
⏱️ Compressed Masterclass: Accelerate your expertise in a condensed format, designed to fit your busy schedule without compromising depth.
🌍 1-Week Intensive Offsite: Immerse yourself in an intensive, focused week of learning, away from distractions, maximizing your skill acquisition.

Hungry for more knowledge? Have specific needs in mind? Let's chat! Schedule an introductory call, and we'll tailor the program to meet your unique requirements.

Are you ready to unlock the next level of Scrum mastery? Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your approach and lead your team to unparalleled success.

Let's elevate your Scrum journey together.

(Updated) Agile Ways of Working: Self Study

🌟 Explore Agile Ways of Working!

Updated in 2024 to include more information on High Performing Teams

Dive into our 3-part series covering Agile Basics, Agile Mindset and Leadership, and Agile Teams. For just $139, gain access to:

✨ Engaging Learning Modules: Expertly narrated content for in-depth understanding.
🎯 Interactive Activities: Reinforce your knowledge with hands-on exercises.
🧠 Progress Quizzes: Assess your learning and track your growth.

🏆 Certificate of Completion: Validate your newfound skills after program completion.

Ready to enhance your agility? Enroll now and master the basics to the art of Agile Ways of Working! 🚀

Image of the presentation for Agile Basics

Let's connect:

Mini-Guide: Vision Boards for Prioritization

🎪 Master the Chaos with 3 Idea Vision Board!

Ever felt like you're juggling endless ideas like a circus act? Introducing our solution: the Three Idea Vision Board. Tame the chaos with just three priority visions at a time, your ultimate Work In Progress (WIP) limit.

For just $9.99, get your hands on:

📘 Step-by-step guide on using the board
🖥️ Miro board for seamless virtual collaboration

Image of the Miro Board for Visioning

Ready to transform your workload? Grab your mini-guide today! 🚀

And let's stay connected:

Mini-Guide: Finding Team Time Across Work Styles and Time Zones

⌚ Optimize Team Collaboration Across Time Zones!

When it comes to remote collaboration, conquering time zone differences is key. Look no further—our Mini-Guide: Finding Team Time Across Work Styles and Time Zones is your solution!

For just $9.99, dive into:
Detailed Facilitation Guide: Navigate diverse work styles effortlessly with expert tips, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
🖥️ Miro Board Backup: Transform your ideas into visual brilliance in virtual space, enhancing collaboration and strategic planning.
📊 Spreadsheet Version: Seamlessly organize your team's schedule, fostering seamless communication and productivity.

Image of team calendar Miro board

Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and hello to streamlined collaboration. Get your Mini-Guide today and watch your team thrive across time zones! 🌐✨

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Mini-Guide: Organizational Transformation - 7 Steps toward Change

💡Navigate Organizational Transformation with Ease!

Ever wondered how successful organizations drive change? Discover the secret with our Mini-Guide: Organizational Transformation - 7 Steps toward Change.

At Agility for All, we've helped global organizations transform, one step at a time. In this guide, we share our proven seven-step process, empowering you to tackle change head-on.

For just $9.99, gain access to:
📽 Captioned Video Training: Engage with our step-by-step guide through dynamic video training.
📄 PDF Handout: A comprehensive document summarizing the key points for your quick reference.
🎁 Bonus Material: Explore insights on why transformations sometimes falter, helping you avoid common pitfalls.

Image of the Transformation Video Lesson

Ready to embrace change? Dive in today and pave the way for your organization's transformation journey! 🚀

And let's stay connected:

Mini-Guide: Hiring with Team Interviews: A More Agile Approach

🕵🏻‍♀️ Revolutionize Your Hiring Process: A More Agile Approach Awaits!

Say goodbye to traditional interviews! Are your hiring practices keeping up with the times?

Transform your interviews and shape your organizational culture from the very start. Introducing our Mini-Guide: Hiring with Team Interviews—an innovative, agile approach to recruitment.

For just $39, unlock:
Facilitation Guide: Expert guidance to implement the process seamlessly.
🖥️ Miro Board: Facilitate interviews effortlessly with our interactive digital board (requires a paid Miro account).
🎁 Bonus Material: Dive into additional insights to elevate your hiring game.

Image of Hiring Board in  Miro

Ready to redefine your hiring experience? Embrace the future of interviews—get your Mini-Guide today! ✔👍🏼

And don't forget to connect:

Mini-Guide: Creating Learning Journeys for Teams

🚀 Empower Your Team's Learning Adventure!

Looking to nurture continuous growth within your team? Dive into our Mini-Guide: Creating Learning Journeys for Teams.

Crafted to perfection, this guide leads your team in creating personalized learning paths, addressing knowledge gaps, and fostering individual and collective development. It's not just a guide—it's a roadmap for your team's success.

For just $49, seize:
Facilitation Guide with Activities: Expertly curated activities to guide your team through the learning journey creation process.
🖥️ Miro Board Backup: Digital space for collaborative brainstorming, ensuring your ideas are captured and shared seamlessly.

Image of Learning Journeys Miro Board

Ready to embark on a learning adventure? Transform your team's growth trajectory—get your Mini-Guide today and watch your team thrive! 🚀📚

And let's stay connected:

Mini-Guide: Meetings with Intention

🌟 Tired of endless meetings filling up your calendar? We hear you! But guess what? There's a better way to stay informed and make meaningful connections without drowning in meetings! 🚫📅✨

Sign up for this mini-guide and discover the secrets to efficient communication, streamlined collaboration, and making the most out of your time! 🚀💡 Say goodbye to unnecessary meetings and hello to productivity! 🌟

🕒🔥 Click the link to register and embrace a more productive way of working

Unlock Exclusive Content for Just $99:

With your purchase, you'll gain access to:
Webinar Replay: Dive back into the original webinar, enriched with insightful discussion questions.
🖥️ Miro Board: Your key to facilitating impactful sessions on restructuring meetings, ensuring seamless collaboration.
🎁 Bonus Material: Exclusive videos and extra content not featured in the webinar, offering deeper insights and expert tips.

Enhance your skills and transform your meetings today! Get your bundle now. 🚀🔥

And don't forget to connect to get more great content:

Mini-Guide: Navigating Change Effectively with Experimental Backlogs

⚙️ Elevate Your Organizational Agility with Experimental Backlogs!

In the fast-paced world of business, adaptability is the name of the game. Introducing our latest Mini-Guide: Navigating Change Effectively with Experimental Backlogs. This is your go-to resource for revolutionizing your organization's approach to change without the headache of costly massive overhauls that don't work.

For only $99, unlock a treasure trove of insights and strategies that will empower your team to experiment, innovate, and thrive.

With your purchase, you'll gain access to:
Webinar Replay: Dive back into the original webinar, enriched with insightful discussion questions.
🖥️ Miro Board: Your key to facilitating impactful sessions on transformational change, ensuring seamless collaboration.
🎁 Bonus Material: The Vision Board

Image of a Kanban style storyboard

Enhance your skills and transform how you make change! Get your bundle now. 🚀🔥

And don't forget to connect to get more great content:

Mini-Guide: Team Goal Setting

🥳 Elevate Team Harmony with Goal Setting Mini-Guide!

Ever wondered how to unite your team beyond product objectives? Introducing our Mini-Guide: Team Goal Setting—an essential resource for fostering collective growth and development.

This guide empowers you to craft team values, articulate value statements, and set meaningful goals, strengthening your team's bond and purpose.

For just $129, you'll receive:
💭 Detailed Facilitation Guide: Expert guidance to facilitate seamless goal-setting sessions with your team.
🖥️ Miro Board Backup: A digital canvas for collaborative brainstorming and organizing your team's ideas.
🎥 Webinar Recording: Gain insights from our engaging webinar on this topic, enhancing your understanding.
📄 PowerPoint Handout: Summarized presentation material for easy reference and sharing with your team.
🔤 Agility for All Value Word Cards: A set of digital and print-ready cards to reinforce team values and stimulate discussions.

Image of Team Goals Miro Board

Ready to cultivate a purpose-driven team? Embrace the power of collective goal setting—get your Mini-Guide today and empower your team's journey! 🚀🌱

And let's stay connected:

Mini-Guide: Facilitating an Open Space

🌟 Empower Dynamic Conversations: Unleash the Power of Open Space!

Imagine the transformative impact of bringing diverse minds together, fostering discussions about needs, ideas, and collaboration. With our Mini-Guide: Facilitating an Open Space, you can turn this vision into reality.

This isn't just a guide; it's a catalyst for change. Discover the art of running an Open Space with our comprehensive toolkit, designed to reshape narratives, amplify outcomes, and elevate the value you provide.

For just $299, equip yourself with:
🕵🏻‍♀️ Open Space Training Guide: Expert insights to master the art of facilitation, ensuring seamless conversations.
🌐 Open Space Design Guide: Blueprint for structuring impactful sessions, maximizing engagement.
📋 Open Space Checklist: Comprehensive checklists for flawless execution, whether it's a virtual or in-person event.
📅 Open Space Introduction Planner: Step-by-step planner to launch your Open Space event successfully.
🖥️ Miro Board: An innovative digital space for virtual collaboration, sparking creativity and ideation.

Image of Open Space Miro Board

Ready to redefine how conversations unfold? Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your events—get your Mini-Guide now and inspire transformative dialogue! 🚀🔥

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Mini-Guide: Intentional Professional Development for Your Organization

🌟 Elevate Your Team with Intentional Professional Development!

Ever wondered if your professional development strategy truly aligns with your organizational goals? It's time to transform your approach! Dive into our Mini-Guide: Intentional Professional Development for Your Organization.

Unlock the secrets to crafting intentional development plans that not only align with your corporate vision, but also empower your employees to upskill, fostering high-performing teams.

For just $399, you'll receive:
📽  Webinar Replay: Gain insights from our original webinar, enhanced with thought-provoking discussion questions.
🖥️ Miro Board: Facilitate all aspects of professional development with our interactive digital board.
🚀 Team Goal Setting Mini-Guide: Access our exclusive guide (valued at $39) to foster team cohesion and goal alignment.
📚 Learning Journeys for Teams Mini-Guide: Delve into another guide (valued at $49) that enhances knowledge sharing and continuous learning.
📋 Facilitation Guide: Seamlessly integrate all components with our expertly curated guide, ensuring a cohesive and impactful development strategy.

Ready to champion a culture of continuous learning? Embrace intentional professional development—get your Mini-Guide now and inspire your organization's growth journey! 🏆✨

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Mini-Guide: Liftoff for Teams

🌟 Ignite Your Team's Journey with Liftoff!

If your last program kickoff lacked impact, it's time to transform your approach. Introducing our Mini-Guide: Liftoff for Teams—the key to crafting memorable kickoffs that set the tone for your entire project.

With Liftoff for Teams, you'll establish Purpose, Alignment, and Context right from day one, ensuring everyone is on the same page and motivated to collaborate effectively.

For just $999, you'll receive:
Liftoff Basic Training Guide: Your essential toolkit for mastering the Liftoff process and creating a powerful team foundation.
🚀 Liftoff Facilitation Guide: Expert guidance to facilitate engaging and impactful Liftoff sessions with your teams.
📚 Liftoff Definitions: Clarify key concepts and terminology, enhancing team communication and understanding.
Liftoff Validation Checklist: A detailed checklist to ensure your Liftoff is comprehensive and goal-oriented.
🖥️ Miro Board: Transform your virtual space into a collaborative hub, fostering creativity and strategic planning.

Image of Liftoff Miro Board

Ready to make your kickoffs unforgettable? Elevate your team's collaboration with Liftoff—get your Mini-Guide today and pave the way for success! 🚀🌟

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