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Founder's Message: Empowering Organizations Through Intentional Change

Indra A. Books, AFA Founder and CEO

I founded AFA to support small to medium-sized organizations in their transformative journeys. I believe that true growth comes from strong, agile leaders who can navigate beyond the mechanics of change and create lasting, enterprise-level corporate cultures of high performance.

Through consulting, coaching, and learning programs, we offer a broad-spectrum approach to redefining how people interact, fostering an environment of higher retention, engagement, and performance. I have dedicated over 25 years to this philosophy, and I want to share this journey with you.

While I strongly believe in the principles of agility, I also recognize the importance of finding a balance that allows organizations to make intentional and deliberate changes aligned with their goals and values. My personal mission is to help organizations solve problems creatively and flexibly, founded in the true definition of agility.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we foster an environment where all voices are heard and thrive. Join me in this journey as we redefine how organizations approach change and unlock their full potential.

Tailored Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Professional Development

We offer dynamic and interactive programs designed to enhance your team's skills, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth. Our offsite experiences provide a harmonious blend of professional growth and rejuvenating breaks from the ordinary, while our virtual programs allow learners to work from where they want.

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We provide tangible strategies for nurturing an inclusive culture where both you, as a leader, and your team can thrive and excel. Whether you need 1:1 coaching or team group coaching, we craft a plan that allows you to sustainably grow and evolve as both individuals and as part of a high-performing organization.

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We work with you to ensure that the organizational changes you make are value-based, practical, customised, and goal-oriented. Our team has over 50 years of combined international business experience, as well as exposure to many different work cultures all over the world. We help you identify and address your specific needs.

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5 Reasons to Partner with AFA

Tailored Approach: We customize our services to your organization's specific needs and goals, ensuring a perfect fit.

Experienced Experts: Our team of seasoned consultants and coaches bring decades of expertise in organizational transformation.

Sustainable Change: We focus on embedding agility into your culture, not just implementing temporary solutions.

Measurable Results: Our data-driven approach allows us to track and demonstrate the tangible impact of our work.

Collaborative Partnership: We work alongside you as a trusted partner, committed to your success every step of the way.

Transformative Change Made Simple

At AFA, we empower organizations to navigate transformative change with confidence. Our tailored consulting, coaching, and learning programs, matched with a combined 50 years of experience, equip leaders with the tools and mindset to foster a culture of high performance, engagement, and adaptability. We don't just teach and direct – we help you embed it into the heart of your organization, unlocking sustainable growth and success.

Our services are founded in our belief system.

Collaboration rather than imposed solutions

Flexibility instead of out of the box, one size fits all solutions

Common sense over dogmatic approaches

Agile mindset over Agile frameworks

Cultural alignment as a means to lasting organizational change over quick fixes

Revolutionizing the Way Organizations Transform

AFA provides consulting, coaching, and training to help your organization create high-performing teams operating in a safe, inclusive culture.

We help you to create solutions by first clearly identifying the problem.

Explore the many ways we help your organization soar to new heights.

Or schedule a FREE Strategy Call with our CEO, Indra A. Books, to talk through how we may help.

How We Co-create Solutions With You

At AFA, we provide tailored consulting, coaching, and training services to help organizations drive value-driven change. Whether you're looking to transform your team, your department, or your entire organization, we can help.


Happy Clients

Indra is someone who is capable of not just advocating for, but implementing meaningful change in an organization. She has an excellent ability to meet teams where they are and work with them to overcome the roadblocks that keep them from getting to the place they want and need to be. She has seen it all before and has an answer for it all. 

A. Blomeke


We wouldn’t have the team we do, without your thoughtful guidance and patience. We wouldn’t be where we are in the project, without your gentle nudging and brilliant leadership. And the stories! I will definitely miss the stores! I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.

J. Dahlquist

Managing Director

Indra is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in mentoring, coaching, and leading teams. She is consistently motivated to transform workplace culture through her passions in Agile practices. I was impressed by her ability to manage and coach even the most complicated teams, creating long-lasting team camaraderie and efficiencies.

R. Das

Proposal Manager

Having been trained in more traditional, rigid, PMP standards, it was remarkable how much more practical and effective the agile process turned out to be. Indra's influence on how we do business will long outlive our shared contract and has already spread its virtues to other areas of the organization. I will continue to default to her leadership and expertise as I progress in my own understanding of the agile process.

J. Osborn


Agile. Mentor. Leader.

These three things come to mind when I think about Indra Books. She had this magnetic attraction derived from her confidence, compassion, and determination to keep the team moving forward.

M. Cantrell

Project Manager
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