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Explore the many ways we help your organization soar to new heights.

Welcome to Agility for All, where we specialize in elevating your learning experience with our diverse array of programs.

Our approach goes beyond basic instruction, delving deep into leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and advanced agile methodologies to propel you to new heights.

Choose from our versatile range of offerings, including group coaching sessions, immersive masterclasses, dynamic team-building exercises, and transformative offsite experiences, available both publicly and privately.

Stay tuned for our latest program releases—we're constantly innovating. Interested in custom dates or venues? Check out our corporate offerings below for more information and get in touch.

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You don’t have to gather your employees in the office to foster a strong sense of unity. Strengthen your team bonds when it counts by curating the culture you envision. Even in a work-from-anywhere world, periodic gatherings remain invaluable for deepening connections and enhancing collaborative synergy.

Enter our 7-day offsite experiences—a harmonious blend of professional growth and rejuvenating breaks from the ordinary, all conducted with sustainability in mind. We partner with local vendors to offer a wide range of services within a 0-3km radius.

All our programs can be tailored to suit offsite formats, with our top picks including:

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Join us for a transformative 7-day offsite held in a secluded haven, ideal for personal and professional development while unplugging from the everyday grind. Immerse yourself in curated local adventures woven seamlessly into the program, designed to stimulate fresh perspectives and embrace novel concepts. Be sure to review our Terms & Conditions for Offsites.

Throughout the week, participants will enjoy the dedicated guidance of not one, but two expert coaches, available for both group workshops and personalized 1-on-1 sessions. Plus, ample opportunities for collaborative work and exposure to diverse learning and communication styles await.

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Whether or not you're entrenched in Agile methodologies, our programs are your gateway to tangible strategies for nurturing an inclusive culture where both you, as a leader, and your team can thrive and excel. Through a blend of expert instruction and dynamic group coaching, you'll engage in active learning, collaboration, and continuous growth.

Here's what you can expect from our Signature Group Coaching Programs:

  • Actionable outcomes to drive progress
  • Access to a comprehensive learning dashboard
  • Recorded sessions for convenient playback
  • Membership in our supportive online community
  • Engaging group coaching sessions
  • Plus, enjoy exclusive bonus materials and sessions!

Please note: Our programs are currently tailored for corporations seeking to enroll a minimum of 10 participants per course. We're flexible on scheduling and program size, ensuring a seamless fit for your organization. All our programs are virtual, and we strive to accommodate diverse time zones within the same class.

Looking for an immersive corporate retreat? Explore our one-week intensive corporate offsites (scroll up).

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Forge meaningful connections between organizations and communities Conceptualize programs that deliver substantial value Cultivate cohesive teams unified by a shared mission Define clear program visions to optimize funding utilization Translate ideas into successful implementation

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Here's how we can collaborate:

Option 1: Consulting and Coaching: Our seasoned consultants and coaches guide you from Day 1 to Day Delivery, leveraging our proven methodologies in:

  • Ideation and prioritization
  • Team formation and launch
  • Vendor management
  • Agile methodologies
  • Leadership development

We specialize in crafting sustainable programs that bring together the right stakeholders, prioritize work efficiently, foster agile team dynamics, and deliver results promptly.

Option 2: Training and Development Facilitation: Our facilitators provide comprehensive training in a group coaching format, equipping your teams with essential skills to:

  • Master product/service development and delivery methods
  • Develop reusable program processes and tools
  • Hone facilitation techniques within your organization
  • Adopt a learn-by-doing approach to problem-solving
  • Restructure work practices for agility and responsiveness

As part of our incubator training program, we offer a comprehensive package comprising five learning modules over one year. Throughout this journey, we not only facilitate workshops and group coaching sessions but also empower you to independently lead these programs post-year one. We provide all necessary materials, coaching, facilitation guides, and more.

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Discover the power of personalized workshops designed specifically for your team's requirements, led by industry experts from Agility For All. Our workshops are meticulously crafted to pinpoint areas for improvement within your teams and deliver actionable strategies to unleash their full capabilities. Collaborating closely with you, we tailor workshops to perfectly align with your distinct needs.

Here's how we can collaborate:

  • Tailored Signature Programs: Customize one of our renowned programs to suit your team's unique objectives.

  • Bespoke Team Building Experiences: Whether it's a half or full day, let us design a team building program tailored precisely to your team's dynamics and goals.

  • Tailored Workshop Series: Dive deep into leadership, change and transformation, teamwork and collaboration, and progressive, inclusive work practices—including agile mindset and methodologies—with our customizable workshop series.

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Our team has over 50 years of combined international business experience, as well as exposure to many different work cultures all over the world. Every one of our clients is unique, and we will help you identify and address your specific needs.

We will work with you to ensure that the organizational changes you make are value-based, practical, customised, and goal-oriented.

We take a phased approach from discovery to planning to implementation and back again to refinement. We will work with you to create the environment you want for your organization but firmly believe that the change has to come from within with guidance not be directed from outside. In other words, we are going to teach you how to ride the bike, take the training wheels off, and let you ride away; but be there if you need support, encouragement, or reinforcement.

Read more about our consulting agreements.

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