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Agility for All

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Agility for All Provides Value-based, Transformational Solutions

Learn, Practice, Share, Ask and Grow

Our team has over 50 years of combined international business experience and exposure to many different work cultures all over the world. Every one of our clients is unique, and we will help you identify and address your specific needs.


  • Collaboration rather than imposed solutions

  • Flexibility instead of out of the box, one size fits all solutions

  • Common sense over dogmatic approaches

  • Agile mindset over Agile frameworks

  • Cultural alignment as a means to lasting organizational change over quick fixes

Our services are founded in our belief system. Learn more about how we can transform your organization through consulting, coaching, training, and facilitation programs.


I started Agility for All because I was finding that organizations were beginning and ending their transformations with certification classes and then didn’t know what to do or were surprised when it didn’t work out. I want to support small to medium sized organizations through real growth supported by strong, agile leaders. The goal is to move organizations past mechanics to deeper environmental change; creating an enterprise-level corporate culture of high performance by focusing on the problems to solve not the buzzword solution of the day. The need to change things when they aren’t working is normal, but change must be intentional and deliberate.

While I believe strongly in the principles of agility, I also believe that every company needs to find a balance that allows them to make a natural progression of changes that work within the organization’s goals and values. My personal goal is that we are able to help organizations solve problems with a creative, flexible approach founded in the definition of agility; being flexible and able to adapt quickly.

Through consulting, coaching, and learning programs, we can create a broad-spectrum approach to redefining how people show up and interact thus producing an environment of higher retention, engagement, and performance.

I have worked for over 25 years to ensure this is how I have shown up with all of the teams with whom I have worked and I wanted a company that could continue to share that philosophy with others. It is more important now than ever that we foster an environment for all voices to be heard and thrive and I want to share in that journey with you. — Indra

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We help you to create solutions by first clearly identifying the problem

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Online Group Coaching, Masterclasses, and Offsites

Whether you’re working with Agile frameworks or not, our programs will provide you with actionable insights to create an inclusive culture where you, as a leader, and your team will thrive and perform.

Our programs focus on incremental learning that can be put into practice immediately with follow up coaching for any insights and corrective actions you may need.

We combine instruction and group coaching so that you can learn, practice, share, ask, and grow.

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Coaching for Leaders and Teams

We work with team leads, managers, and leaders on building the culture for change in their organization that they want. We dig into what makes an agile leader able to adapt and be flexible in the face of change and then how to lead the organization from the front; involved in the critical elements of the business.


At Agility For All, we understand that teams do not work in bubbles. They are part of a corporate culture. We work with corporations on all aspects of creating teams; starting from recruiting and on-boarding. We also coach teams through their first days as a team and beyond, as they grow together to become high performing Agile teams. We have helped to build high-performing teams in IT, marketing, business strategy and proposals, support, human resources, and multiple other areas.

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Consulting for Transformation and Change

Our team has over 50 years of combined international business experience, as well as exposure to many different work cultures all over the world. Every one of our clients is unique, and we will help you identify and address your specific needs.

We will work with you to ensure that the organizational changes you make are value-based, practical, customised, and goal-oriented.

We take a phased approach from discovery to planning to implementation and back again to refinement. We will work with you to create the environment you want for your organization but firmly believe that the change has to come from within with guidance not be directed from outside. In other words, we are going to teach you how to ride the bike, take the training wheels off, and let you ride away; but be there if you need support, encouragement, or reinforcement.

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